Interlocking concrete blocks

Low Grange Quarry Ltd provide interlocking concrete blocks that are durable and offer great flexibility.

They are ideal if you want to create a partition wall, temporary wall, storage bays and more. Because they can be reconfigured to suit your needs they are ideal in a changeable environment as they do not require groundwork or fixing.

Why use interlocking concrete blocks?

  • Fast to install

  • Long lasting

  • Versatile

  • Strong

  • Factory built

  • Semi-permanent

A range of dimensions

Our interlocking concrete blocks come in pre-made standard sizes.

Get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements, we can tailor make blocks to suit your needs.

Do you need something a little more permanent? We will deliver concrete panels suitable for walls and building storage facilities. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Block dimensions

Full Blocks:
  • 1600mm long

  • 800mm wide

  • 800mm high

  • 800mm long

  • 800mm wide

  • 800mm high

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